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Add a bit of greenery to your home with an eye-catching and unique display. Terrarium for example. Is one of the modern flower pots that has recently been popular because it gives the impression of fresh natural plants in a unique and beautiful home. The terrarium is also an alternative for you if you do not have land to plant. The terrarium is very easy to build in addition to being visually attractive, so it’s not surprising that terrariums have become a popular decoration part for the past few years.

The terrarium is actually very easy to make and easy to maintain. Pretty and attractive for decoration inside and outside the house. Terrarium depends on container, mixture of ingredients. Moreover, terrarium can last long – even decades!.

In general, the terrarium is placed in a glass container so that it can be seen its beauty. Anyone would want to have it at home. Let’s look at the following terrarium container ideas.

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This beautiful geometric terrarium planter is simple and versatile, creates a fashion life atmosphere, makes your life more poetic and relaxing. Fit for succulents, air plants, small plants, fern,cactus, moss, airplants, or other decorative objects. Ideal for use on shelves and windowsills. Present for Family and Friends.

Geometric Terrarium Container Desktop Planter

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Glass plant terrarium succulent planter perfect for displaying small plants and objects as well as for adding a decorative centerpiece to any space, this plant pots makes an excellent addition to any home. It allows you to see all sides of the plants, candles, or decorative items arranged inside, and the unique structure adds the perfect touch of classy, modern style. Use as a terrarium or as a minimalist piece on its own to bring modern elegance to any space.

Succulent Planter Pot Display Case

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Modern style and classic elegance can both be yours when you make this lovely artistic glass cube a part of your home or patio, Perfect for adding a touch of eye-catching style to your small potted plants or for showing off a favorite keepsake in a new and stylish way.

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High quality geometric terrarium, made of framed transparent glass. It is ideal for raising succuents and cacti. It is also stuitable for planting tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants.

It is geometric, so it can be placed on any side down according to where it is put and what you are going to grow.

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Special oblique mouth design. Simple and modern, give you a different life of emotional appeal, modern design to any space. As a party or wedding decoration, believe also attracts a lot of attention.
This cute and beauty little glass terrarium is the perfect vase for your imagination. It is made of High boron silicon glass, high quality and very practical. Strong and durable, water-saving drought- resistant, pervious to light, not easy deformation, corrosion resistance. Suitable for balcony garden, furniture, home gardening and fit for desk, hotel, or home and wedding decoration. Perfect for an air plant, flowers, sand, colored pebbles. Also, it can be used as a candlestick, creat sweet atmosphere.

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Many people love to create their dreamy world, or a fairy story within a terrarium. Terrarium is a decent way to raise plants and watch them, without dirting your room. Geometric terrarium is a great decorative piece on your desk, table, shelf, etc.

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The Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists. There are 12 different sizes of the Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrariums, all built with the same great features that help provide your reptile or amphibian with a durable and comfortable environment to live in.

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Ideal for home and office decoration to display small plants, adds more greens and vitality to your living surroundings. Decorates it with moss, airplants, seashells, other accessories to design a little vertical garden. Prefect for a DIY project by your imaginations, will get an unique ornament.

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Make your lovely plants outstanding in everywhere you display, bringing elegance and fresh to your living space.






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